Below is a very simple script. The easiest way to test and get it working:

  • Start Lexocad.
  • In the menu go to: Extra > Python > Python Console. Copy the script below and paste it inside the interactive console, eventually press the [Enter] key.
# Create Block example
# Import Lexocad libraries
import OpenLxApp as lx
# Get the active document
doc = lx.Application.getInstance().getActiveDocument()
# Create a geometry in the document
block = lx.Block.createIn(doc)
# Create an element in the document and assign the geometry to it
elem = lx.Element.createIn(doc)
# Recompute the document
  • Saved scripts (text files with “.py” extension) are loaded into Lexocad by drag’n’drop from Windows File Explorer and other programs.
  • Frequently used scripts can be saved inside the folder “Lexocad.x64\Python\ Scripts” and quickly accessed in Extra > Python > Python Scripts.
  • To see console output (error messages and print statements), go: Extra > Python > Python Console.


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