Data Protection

Data protection

The Cadwork group is grateful for your interest in its products and for visiting our website

Cadwork wishes to apply the most restrictive control on your personal data. All personal data, including your email address will be used by Cadwork in accordance with the following points : All data that you transfer to Cadwork will be treated in a strictly confidential way and if needed, will only be transmitted to other Cadwork subbranches.

This will allow us to respond adequately to your queries. Your personal data which we will have received and/or retained will not be resold. We assure you that your personal data will be treated in accordance with the rights applying to the protection on individuals data.

On this website, you will find links to other websites which are in no way connected to Cadwork. The Cadwork group is in no way responsible, should you whish to give out your personal data on one of these websites.

All information contained on the Cadwork group website has been thoroughly checked and are considered as actual and truthful Toutes les informations contenues dans le site du groupe Cadwork ont été examinées soigneusement et sont considérées comme actuelles et véridiques (subject to change).

The information on the Cadwork group website is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. Apart from specific provisions stated in this document, no part of any information found on this website in one form or another can be reproduced prior to receiving a written agreement issued by the Cadwork group. © cadwork informatik AG 2003 Bâle

The use of documents available on this website for download is subject to copyright by the Cadwork group. The use of information on this website : unless stated otherwise, you may use, copy, print or distribute the available documents on this website only under these conditions :

The document will exclusively be used for your own personal use and will in no way be used for commercial purposes.

The document can in no way be modified. Each copy of document or any part of a Cadwork document should show the Cadwork copyright as stated above together with this statement of validity : Cadwork Informatif AG reserves the right to withdraw at any moment the authorisation to use a document.

According to the written request of Cadwork Informatik AG, the use should cease immediately.

Indications on links that are published on our website.
Following the legal judgment of 12th May 1998 -312 o 85/98-“Responsibility on the links” the Regional District Court (LG) of Hambourg took the following decision : Each firm publishing links on its website pointing towards other websites is considered co-responsible on the veracity of the information published on these other websites. This can only be avoided if the authors officially distance themselves from the content of external sites. We, herewith, formally disclaim any responsibility on the content of sites which links are shown on our website