To import an external Python package in Lexocad open the menu:
Extra -> Python
and click on ‘Install additional Python Modules’.

  • Every time the dialog box opens, some preliminary steps are taken to make sure that all tools for downloading the packages are present.
  • The very first time the whole procedure may take a few seconds longer because it is necessary to download the list of packages from the repository
  • Since new packages are systematically added to the repository, you can force an update from time to time by pressing the button “Update”.
  • The list of packages is very long: you can search for the package you are interested in by typing the name in the appropriate line and pressing “Enter”.
  • Click the appropriate package name and then click the “Install Package” button.
  • The required package and ALL its dependencies will be downloaded, if available for Python version 3.6.
    Depending on the size of the packages, this may take some time.

The package is now downloaded and installed using Python’s pip module:

Some additional features:

  • The package manager will inform whether there is a new version of the packages already installed.
    It is up to the user to click on the corresponding package and then on the button “Update Package” to proceed.
  • By clicking on one of the available packages and then on the button “Information”, the internet browser will open at the home page of the corresponding package.

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