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    product description
    Relieve leg pain of lumbar acid caused by the deficiency of the kidney, chronic prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia (MAST), and the cause of the frequent micturition, dysuria, urgency, urine is not the net, sub-health sexual dysfunction.

    ●Prostate patch is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine.
    ● The principle of human subcutaneous super penetration unique Chinese Medicine.
    ●Used to the waist leg pain caused by the deficiency of the kidney, chronic prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia,
    ● Used to the frequent micturition, dysuria, urgency, urine is not the net, sexual dysfunction
    Quick Details
    Properties:Medical Adhesive & Suture Material
    Type:Medical Adhesive
    Brand Name:ZA
    Model Number:Prostate
    Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)
    Product name:Prostate plaster
    Application:prostate disease
    Feature:efficiency,Convenient,without side effect
    Material:Far-infrared ceramic powder, permanent magnet slice,
    Packing:Aluminum plastic bags,350gWhite cardboard
    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details9*11cm*1pieces*3bags*120box/carton
    Aluminum plastic bags,350gWhite cardboard
    Surpport OEM service, OEM package.OEM MOQ 40,000 pieces
    Prostate plaster
    Delivery Time7-30days
    Product Description
    Prostate plaster,magnetic and hot therapy patch for prostatitis
    ApplicationFor patients with prostatic hypertrophy, prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis, and urinary retention.
    Description The Prostate patch inherits and develops the traditional Chinese medicine theory, and utilizes active substances of various natural plants which are extracted by current high science technology, thus, the product has the efficacy of quickening blood circulation, regulating nerve and regulating viscera, and thereby the product achieves the aim of curing prostate disease.
    The mechanism of the product The prostate patch belongs to a traditional Chinese medicine ointment patch for pain-relieving, diuresis, detumescence, disinfection and anti-virus. The patch adopts special human body subcutaneous super strong infiltration principle, which is directly applied to the navel of a patient, and the medicine is directly, quickly and non interruptedly permeated to the prostate with disease, which directly softens capsule, quickens gland retraction, quickens blood circulation and effectively regulating the nerve and the viscera of human bodies through the effective component of the medicine, thereby curing prostate disease in stereoscopic manner. Under the effect of the medicine, each tissue comprehensively realizes function, which gradually subtracts blood stasis swollen inflammation and recovers healthy state of human bodies. General patients with symptoms of pollakiuria, urgency of urination, waiting of urination and urinary stuttering and so on can be effectively relieved, patients who insist using the product for 1-2 moths can get the rid of the annoyance caused by prostatitis and hyperplasia.
    Characteristics of the product1 High efficiency
    After the prostate patch is used for 5-10 min, the efficacy is shown, the resistance of the urethra is eased and the symptoms of pollakiuria and urgency of urination are relieved after 3-5 days, and strength is evidently recovered, and most patients can get the rid of the annoyance caused by prostatitis and hyperplasi.
    2. The efficacy is durable.
    The efficacy of the product can last 24h and is released without interruption, which avoids the problem that patients can not insist using it because patients should use it in the morning, the noon and the afternoon
    3. Convenient employment
    Once applied to the navel, the product can realize curing function, which is simple and convenient, saves time, and is easily grasped
    4. without side effect.
    The component of the product adopts traditional Chinese medicine extracting technology and plant extracting technology, which has no harm to human bodies, and is a natural curing method without trauma and pain, and excuses side effect caused by having medicines and having injection.
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