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    Fabric Edge 20Khz Ultrasonic cutting and sealing machine
    Ultrasonic cutting and sealing machine consists of the ultrasonic generator and host(welding and cutting) two parts with high frequency ultrasonic vibration, first welding fabric, then cut the edge
    To be installed on machines or lines, cutting the fabric with no scattered side, no hardening, smooth and beautiful
    Mainly used in chemical fiber textile, geotextile, woven cloth, plastic film and PP, PE
    Frequency: 20Khz
    1. Power: 800W
    2. Welding width: 10/20 mm
    3. Material of horn: steel or titanium alloy
    4. Power: 300W
    5. Working speed: 5-8 m/min
    6. Generator: 320x320x120 mm 6.3kg
    7. Welding device: 210x70x260 mm 4.0 kg Ultrasonic Cutting Edge Sealing Machine